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Custom Shape Cut Outs,Printed or Etched, Metal Wood Cards has Your Matel Business Cards

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Metal Wood Cards

Brushed Stainless Steel Spot Color Printed with Hawaiian Koa back Laser Engraved with Clear Coat

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Copper Metal Business Cards

Satin or Brushed Hairline Vertical Finish on Copper Metal,We can customize your Metal Cards for YOU!

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Printed Printed Wood Business Cards That Capture Your Attention

Metal Wood Business Cards

Metal Wood Business CardsExperience the new highest end business card in the market place. Exclusive produced by The orignal in Metal Wood Business Cards.


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Our goal at is to not only create high quality wooden business cards, but to also create luxurious, hand crafted business cards that are so unique you cannot find them anywhere online. With our new line of sleek, sophisticated metal and wood business cards, we have done just that. These cards have set the bar for their quality, beauty, and unique design. Make a statement not soon to be forgotten by giving your clients business cards like no other.

Today’s consumers want more than function; they want a sense of luxury and style to go with function. Here at, we capture the best of both worlds in our business cards, gift cards, and any other kind of card you can imagine. Our cards will stand out from the crowd (i.e., your competition) and help to increase the sales of your business. As a business owner, you know the importance of not blending in with the competition, so why would you start now, when it comes to the cards you use to represent and market your business?

Stylish, interesting, and unique, wooden business cards are a new eco-friendly business card that is gaining a lot of attention. They are an affordable and beautiful way to promote your business while standing out and making a statement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner on a budget or a large corporation looking for a high end card and corporate discounts, wooden business cards can fit whatever card needs you may have.

Wood business cards come in a wide variety of wood choices. Choose from over 80 different wood tones such as the light African Pencil Cedar with its warm tones and delicate patterns, the Mozambique, a slightly darker wood with an exotic grain, or a dark, ashy Walnut wood with its intriguing ring patterned.You can choose from laser engraved or printed wood business cards, both which have endless design possibilities. Laser Engraved allows for more finer natural branding etching into the wood, while printing on the wooden cards takes less time and is less expensive but allows you to brand your companies colors. All wooden cards come in a variety of thicknesses, from paper thin,credit card size thickness and up to a 6 inch blocks! Whatever design your looking for, we can make it happen!

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Real Wood labels

Real Wood Labels
Looking for a memorable way to brand your latest product and still be eco-conscience? The beauty of wood veneer labels can add a touch of elegance and luxury to any product, and best of all, they are eco-friendly. While manufacturers can create wood labels from several species, domestically grown cherry and birch trees work well because they are selectively harvested and sustainable in keeping with the globe’s growing concern about the environment. Setting your products apart from the competition is another reason to consider wood product packing as it lends an air of sophistication to even the most common items.

The next time you need a unique way to brand your products, consider using wood veneer labels instead of plastic or paper labels. Wood branding is beautiful, affordable and best of all, it’s kind to the environment.

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Wood Gift Cards That Capture Your Identity

Wood Gift Cards That Capture Your Identity

Wood cards are an innovative new way of making cards that currently are made from different kinds of PVC plastics or non environmentally friendly materials. All the wood used in the making of these durable wood gift cards is sourced from a certified forest and meets all sustainable management standards here in North America.

These wooden gift cards are exactly the same as their PVC plastic counterparts. They do include the magnetic strip, bar codes, or key chips and can be used in any POS system currently accepting plastic gift cards. Made from patented veneer process using Nordic Birch, American Cherry, or Maple these cards are completely recyclable and FSC certified.

Using wood gift cards helps to reduce your carbon footprint and can highlight your commitment to making this world a better place. Wooden gift cards can be customized for any business and any product, and can be printed in any color, laser engraved and foil stamped . Whatever custom design you choose for your companies wooden gift card will be enhanced by the sheer beauty of the card itself.